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Welcome to the Michael Jackson King Of Pop Website.

This page contains pictues, multimedia files and a lot of other extra MJ info.

This page contains No Tabloids, and only factual truth when it is presented.

This page was created by me, Nicholas Green. Why? Because I am a MJ Fan. And I want to make other people MJ Fans as well. This homepage is dedicated to Michael Jackson. And it upholds his good name. This is a place for MJ Fans to enjoy themselves, and find some cool things on the King Of Pop Himself.

Please note that this page is new, and still under heavy construction. Some pages may still not be running. But please come back again. Notices will be spread in the MJIFC Digest. Thank you.

I trust that you will enjoy this page.


This page was created by Nicholas Green. ® The King Of Pop Website All Rights Reserved.