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Welcome to The Dance Floor......

Welcome back to . I have made


NEW MJ Midi Remixes, and two of them was made because of someone called Lloyd Sharp. So if it wasn't for him, the two HIStory Remixes would not have been made. The TWO (2) HIStory Remixes is Dedicated to Lloyd Sharp, for being such a great person, and a great MJ Fan. And by the way, the Background Sound that you are hearing is the new Give Into Me Mix.

Okay, so if you can't wait any longer, then scroll down the page to the New ones. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them.

Peace and Keep The Faith,

MJ Midi Remixes

by Nicholas Green</PLAINTEXT> <P> (The 1998 Mixes) <P> <a href="">Heal The World</a> <P> <a href="">Childhood</a> <P> <a href="">Human Nature</a> <P> <a href="">Billie Jean</a> <P> <a href="">ScReAm</a> <P> <a href="">You Are Not Alone</a> <P> <H2>NEW</H2> <P> (The 1999 Mixes) <P> <a href="">Bad</a> <P> <a href="">Ben</a> <P> <a href="">Blood On The Dance Floor (The Dance Floor Mix)</a> <P> <a href="">Ghosts</a> <P> <a href="">Give Into Me</a> <P> <a href="">HIStory 1 (Dedicated to Lloyd Sharp)</a> <P> <a href="">HIStory 2 (Dedicated to Lloyd Sharp)</a> <P> <a href="">Thriller</a> <P> <a href="">Wanna Be Starting Something</a> <P> <a href="">The King Of Pop Mega Mix</a> <P> That is all I have for you for now. All the midi Remixes on this page as well as on The King Of Pop Website's Multimedia Page is &copy; Copyright of Nicholas Green &reg; All Rights Reserved. You may use these remixes on your homepage, or you may link to this page. <P> If you collect all my midi Remixes, and you noticed that there are 3 tracks that I already remixed, they are Ghosts, Blood On The Dance Floor and Give Into Me. These are TOTALLY different, they do not sound like the others. You will not find Ghosts or Blood On The Dancefloor on my site, as I had problems with the links. But these are better in everyway. Enjoy. <P> Well that is all from me for now, but PLEASE visit my Official MJ Webapge, <a href="">The King Of Pop Website.</a> <P> <H6>This page was designed by Nicholas Green for The King Of Pop Website. The Midi's and pictures on this page is Copyright of Nicholas Green and The King Of Pop Website. All the Midi's on this page belongs to Nicholas Green from The King Of Pop Website.</H6> </center> </body> </HTML>